The coldest season is winter. It falls between autumn spring. Cold weather occurs when the hemispheres turn away from the sun. Those in the opposite hemispheres can experience spring and summer. The tilt of Earth’s axis creates seasons and makes winter harsher.

During winter, the sun’s angle is oblique within the Northern Hemisphere. It means that solar radiation from the sun is distributed across a greater area. The atmosphere can lose more heat.

The length of winter can vary across the globe. The Northern Hemisphere is home to the coldest period: 21 or 22 December through 20 or 21 March. However, in the United Kingdom, the coldest months are December, January, and February. Winter in the Southern Hemisphere lasts until February 31st. It is the traditional winter in the Nordic Countries.

A driver cannot make excuses when it comes to winter driving. It may seem that driving on snow and ice is easy. However, it is. The car’s tires will have less traction during this season, leading to understeer or front-wheel skid. Automobilists can feel like they are flying. Once this happens, it is impossible to afford to take any risks.

Window tinting Elk River, MNhas shown that driving in winter can be more dangerous than driving in summer. A person should master winter driving skills to ensure safety.

What could happen if someone is not aware of their car ownership and driving responsibilities, especially during winter?

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