Selling your used car can be a challenge if you have no experience selling vehicles. That is because a wide variety of conditions that can influence the final price of your car. So before preparing your vehicle for sale, understand how to evaluate the value of your vehicle in the market.

Car table

To Sell Exotic Cars Atlanta, it is necessary to comply with the standard pricing, so the first important point to consider is the table of the car-pricing table. Updated monthly, the index regulates the price for new, semi-new or used motor vehicles in the national automobile market. Several factors can affect the sale price of your new car. 

Year of manufacture and model year

What many people do not know is that the model year and the year of manufacture are slightly different factors. As automakers are currently releasing the model a few months in advance, the year of manufacture may differ from the model year. Pay attention to the year of manufacture, as it reveals when the vehicle was actually ready to be sold. Cars of the same model can have very different versions that affect the final price of the vehicles.


As important as the year of manufacture, mileage indicates how much a vehicle has actually been used. The lower the number of kilometers had driven, the higher the value of the car.

Features and equipment

Full versions may have a higher value than cars without air conditioning or power steering, for example. Research the features and equipment present in other versions of your vehicle.


The type of engine consumption is another important factor when pricing your new car. Because they offer better performance, diesel cars are usually more expensive than flex-fuel models.


What you have already done with your car can interfere with pricing. If you have driven a lot on dirt roads or driven on roads with damaged asphalt, your vehicle may need maintenance much sooner than the factory recommended, resulting in a loss of value. 


It is important to check your car’s safety equipment, especially if the car has already been in an accident. Items such as seat belts, airbags and even brakes may be damaged to the point where they do not protect the driver and passengers in the event of a new accident. 

Accessories and replaced parts

There are original accessories, which come from the factory, and replaced accessories from the series. Replaced electric keys can reduce the value of your vehicle. Did you change the battery? It also devalues.


There are entities specialized in inspection that can accuse the car had gone through inventories, auctions or bankruptcy. This type of alienation can hurt the sale, especially if the seller is not sincere. Check and clarify your vehicle’s documentation history.

Acceptability and Availability

The law of supply and demand can greatly influence the car resale market. Cars that have been a big hit with the public may be in much higher demand, and therefore may have a better resale price. On the other hand, rare and hard-to-find vehicles can be valued at a higher price.


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