How to arrange your house so that it is accessible to people with disabilities? Various solutions are depending on your needs and the configuration of the premises. There is suitable equipment, whether it is to reach a higher floor or climb a few steps. A stairlift for the disabled can take different forms: inclined lifting platforms, fixed or mobile elevators, elevators, or freight elevators.

What Is A Freight Elevator?

PMR lifts are sometimes associated with freight lifts. However, these are two different uses. Elevators, or lifting platforms, allow people in wheelchairs to have access to higher levels. Freight lifts are intended for transporting goods.

There are two types:

  • The unaccompanied freight elevator: only goods are installed on the platform, and it is generally limited in height, dimensions, and weight.
  • The accompanied freight elevator: this device allows the person who loads and unloads the goods to climb on the platform.

These freight elevators can be fixed or mobile, free-standing, or shaft, interior, or exterior. As for their installation, they can be directly placed on the ground or built in a pit.

Home Application Of The Freight Elevator

We understand that the freight elevator is used above all to transport goods, equipment, etc., from one level to another, but not people. We are used to seeing this type of equipment in industrial buildings, in restaurants, in shops.

But freight elevators also make everyday life easier for individuals, especially when their mobility is reduced.

If your house or some of its rooms are only accessible by stairs, a freight elevator will allow you to transport goods, objects, furniture easily. This type of elevator will help you, for example, to climb:

  • Your shopping
  • Logs
  • Gas cylinders
  • A wheelchair
  • Etc.

PRM Private Elevators: Uses And Advantages

For a person with reduced mobility to access all floors of a house or building, it will be necessary to implement solutions other than a single freight elevator.

The stairlift thus allows people who can sit and stand up to climb stairs effortlessly and without risk of falling.

The PRM lift is also an excellent solution, especially since it will allow people in wheelchairs to be transported to the floors.

The installation of an elevator often requires more or less long and essential work. It takes place both inside and outside a home; it all depends on your needs and the configuration of the spaces. These elevators can serve floors up to 10 meters high. There are different types with varying degrees of finish so that the elevator fits perfectly into your home. Search for new York wheelchair van rental


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