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The thought of obtaining a campervan attracts many people. The liberty to visit round the knowning that you’re independent and may eat, sleep and live easily anywhere you stop, is irreplaceable.

This freedom however doesn’t come cheap, even small Camper vans to purchase cost between 30 and 40 1000 pounds. However there’s an alternate way to owning your individual campervan, convert a panel van or minibus to create your own personal campervan.

For people who’ve good DIY skills and you’re in a position to finishing a appropriate sized project, you may convert your own personal camper van within 6 a few days (About 300 hrs are employed in total).

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The advantages of converting a van yourself are great. An individual finishes an eye on a properly attired van employing the same appliances present in £40k plus vans for £3k to £5k (excluding the vehicle cost). So that you can purchase a three years old van or minibus for between £8k and £11k, complete the conversion more than a Winter and handle an eye on a camper van around, getting cost around £15k.

One one all individuals other advantages of creating your own personal campervan, is it might be tailored exactly on your own style, needs and specs.

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Getting pointed out everything it’ll require some effort along with a commitment in money and time to get a campervan conversion project completed.

Next number of a few days I will be writing numerous articles discussing the primary factors connected with converting a campervan, and demonstrating how it may be completed.